New Milestones – their own room

The twins moved into their own room tonight!

I wonder how we will all sleep…

Smidge’s Surgery

So this week’s excitement was taking Smidge down to Southampton hospital for his hernia repair surgery.

He went in on Friday morning and my biggest concern aside from everything going well in theatre, was that he was not allowed anything to eat or drink pretty much all day. I could just envision him screaming and screaming because we wouldn’t feed him. But as it turned out he was an absolute angel, and spent most of the day either sleeping, or watching the world with his big blue eyes :)
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Viruses and medical updates


Well, after the debacle that was the previous update, I will post this without waiting to add pictures, as I learned to my cost that it simply will not happen if I wait! I am sure we can get a gallery post sorted between us soon, and if not at least people will know the latest.
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Feeding and growing

Written 29 April but never posted as was waiting for photos to be added. Well, enough already, here is the update from then. More to come shortly, you might have to wait for pics!

Since Easter weekend the twins have been growing well.  Even though when we packed the bag on Thursday night the 6lb baby grows fitted pretty perfectly, by the time we headed home on Monday we were grateful that we had put a couple of the bigger ones in! They had just grown that bit too long for the sleep suits in the smaller size!  It was amazing how instantaneous it seemed to be.  They then wore the 7.5lb suits for a few weeks, and this week they have gone up into the 9lb ones.  The 7.5lb vests and clothes still fit nicely, so they must mainly have long legs at the moment!  The 9lb vests are still a bit big for now, as they are not very “rounded”.
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At Home With Smidge And Smudge


Smudge was allowed home nine days after Smidge was. During that time, Katie was taking Smidge back into hospital as he needed feeding, as did Smudge. We’d got a little bit of a routine going with Smidge, but basically had to start again once our daughter came home too.
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Smidge is Home

Smidge and Smudge nose to nose in the same cot

As was the plan, we’ve finally been allowed to take Smidge home.

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Big Progress for Little Smidge and Smudge

Smudge laying on her side in the incubator, smiling at the camera

{EAV:78941844a133c763} It’s been too long since either of us posted an update on Smidge and Smudge’s progress, and we’re sorry about that. No news is good news though, and that’s exactly what we’ve got for you on this update!
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Smidge and Smudge – Learning to Breathe

Katie and Smudge

The immature respiratory systems of Smidge and Smudge have taken a bit of time to get started, but after some progress, and setbacks, we’re definitely making giant leaps forwards.
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Smidge and Smudge: No News Is Good News

Pack of nappy wraps

Just a quick update as Gary hasn’t done one for a while.

I think that the main reason for no updates is that the twins have been fairly stable, with no major changes for a while. They’ve been a bit up and down, as previously, but nothing too worrying or critical.
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Gallery 1

Gary and Smudge

A few photos of Smidge and Smudge inside their incubators in the neonatal ward.
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